We use a hands-on approach to get the best results for our growing network of influencers and brand partners.

Squad agency specialize in talent management, pay negotiating and campaign logistics so that you can focus on your work while we handle the day-to-day business needs.

When managing brand campaigns, we deliver a carefully hand curated selection of social influencers to ambassador your service, product or venue to tailored audiences targeted to your niche.

Why Brands Choose Us

We connect brands with social influencers and authorities to develop testimonial social validation for services, products and venues.

Turn the right heads, amplify the message you want seen, and experience the benefits of a bespoke influencer marketing campaign.

We understand that driving engagement and conversions for your brand is maximised when delivered from authentic and trusted sources.

Influencers such as leading mum-bloggers, socialites, foodies, models, and fitness authorities, just to name a few, offer an enormous value proposition for marketing purposes because of the impact they have on their community of loyal followers.

Do you what you do best and leave the marketing us!

Our agency is host to an evergrowing database of global lifestyle, fashion and mixed sector social amplifiers.

Working together with brands, our agency oversees the craft of curated influencers creating thumb stopping content to drive exposure, organic reach and new follower and fan acquisition to your social profiles.

From coordinating the roll-out of third party posts across a schedule through to uniting influencers together for PR launches and crossover promotions, our extensive offering is continually tested with innovative activations.

Link below to specific info and insights about some of the key sectors we’ve been helping with influencer marketing campaigns.

Talent Management

Squad Talent connects a curated network of influencers with businesses to get more work, earn more money and grow their reach through crossover marketing opportunities.

Let’s face it, clients can be difficult. That’s why we’re here.

We scout social talent, work together with clients and you in order to achieve the best results for both influencers and brands.

When you join our Squad, you get access to our executive talent managers and their expertise with all things business. From booking and scheduling to negotiating budgets and ensuring payment, they’ll help you grow your business, expand your reach and develop relationships with brands. The Squad Agencies main priority is to help you get more work and more money.

Our talent managers will pitch your network to brands, explore opportunities, organize timelines, confirm logistics, manage your calendar and handle client relationships.

We focus on growing you as a brand and business!


Other than having a partner in business, Squad Talent offers management services tailored in all different shapes and sizes to the unique needs of our ever-growing portfolio of social ambassadors and marketers.

Exclusive Perks

Less stress worrying about negotiating with sharks

Increased earnings

Security of contracts safeguarding your work

Crossover marketing with other Squad members

More business and leads – turn your network into a profitable career

Professional press kit

Support, advise, resources from our experienced staff

Opportunity to work with great brands and alongside talented social influencers

Monetize your social network influence


Join the Talent Squad and start making your network work harder for you. Once you’re approved, you’ll be on the frontline to take part in our client activations!

Evaluate your network and influencer potential.

Take over enquiry management and start negotiating on your behalf.

Get you more generous deals and rates – moving you upward on the influencer ladder.

You are included in our network at no setup cost.

Promote you to our business networks to help you grow with new opportunities.

Ready to take the next step and join the Squad network of influencers?