Here’s a little extract we found interesting from some influencer marketing research that Time Out revealed at the AdWeek event.

The survey of 799 respondents identifies two different influencer groups: Shakers and Makers.

Shakers are defined as those with vast social networks (upwards of 3,500) who might be useful for driving broad awareness of a product or marketing campaign.

Let’s be honest, 3,500 is tiny nowadays. In our world, we consider 10,000+ a micro influencer!

However, Makers are more likely to drive a particular action despite having a slightly smaller social following (average of 1,700).

Now that’s a stat we can’t argue with!

From our research and experience, smaller profiles (under 10,000) can drive hype and awareness from a more targeted and genuinely engaged fan base. In result, your brand amplified to a smaller audience can convert into greater real life potential courtesy of social testimonial awareness.

Makers tend to be more passionate and knowledgeable about a certain topic, so their followers place greater trust in them when it comes to recommendations.

Short and sweet dose of info to keep you in the know!


Brian, your informative Trend Strategist