A common misconception about marketing among real estate agents today is that the louder you shout the better you’ll be heard…

Instead of making yourself the hero of your marketing, make someone else the hero of their own story about your listings and business!

A 2016 Nielsen Study revealed that not only do influencers not need to be specific to an industry, but word of mouse, mouth and thumb is recognized as the number one influence on purchasing and service provider decisions.

Consumer decisions have strongly shifted to being manipulated by information found on Social Media.

An influencer doesn’t have to be specific to your industry

When an influencer endorses your service or product, members of their network are more likely to consider you over your competitors.


Squad Talent curates influencer activations, with our network of social amplifiers now host to over 700 passionate content crafters. Stop interrupting what people are interested in, become what they are interested in!

Stop being one in a dozen agents competing for space in a letterbox. Be the only agent someone thinks of when it’s time to list their property!

Benefit from backlinks on social pages, blogs and editorials that build your authority with search engines

Generate quality referral leads from Influencers trusted peers, loyal fans and followers

Leverage word-of-mouth buzz. When an influencer endorses a brand, members of their network are more likely to consider you over your competitors

Influencer partnerships are an amplified form of testimonial about your brand and services


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